Garages can be attached or detached. If detached by more than 15’ from the house, we get a land coverage exception. To learn more, see the chart on page 5.3-37.

  1. The ideal size is 22×22 or 24×24, for a two car garage. Three car garages are 33×22 or 36×24. They can be larger but the chart limits us to 1,000 sf if detached and smaller if attached. They can also be smaller, but less than 20×20 is not recommended. The length can be 20’, 22’, or 24’ for any of the typical sizes.
  2. Garages can be 1 story high and a maximum of 17’ high. The bulk plane is the same as the rear 35% bulk plane, with a vertical leg of 10’ and a 45 degree inward angle.
  3. If our garage is detached, we can take a 50% land coverage exception up to 500 sf.
  4. If our garage is typical, with alley access and not on a corner, the rear setback is 5’ and the side setback is 0’, although practically speaking, 1’ is more normal because of the added width of the roof overhang .
  5. The maximum horizontal dimension, meaning the width, cannot be more than 36’ in all zones except two.