How Zoning Works: Wastewater

Normally, a survey is required when you are building a new construction project. A soil report is required when you are building a free-standing new construction project. A wastewater permit is needed for almost any building permit.

  1. It only takes a week or two to get a wastewater permit, and the whole thing can be done on line.
    1. The main purpose of this permit is to determine if you need a new sewer line from your property to the main sewer line in the alley or the street.
    2. Normally it’s a good idea to replace an old sewer which runs under a new structure because, if you have to replace it later, you have to access the sewer line from inside your new building.
    3. If the sewer is not old or if you think it’s in good condition, you can have it “scooped”. This is a reasonably easy process where-in a company runs a camera down the sewer line to access its condition. Most of these companies will give you a written report which can locate any problems.
    4. If the existing sewer is outside your new structure, it may be unnecessary to replace it because you can always dig it up later.
    5. For almost all cases, it’s not required to dig the sewer inside the public street or alley because, again this can be done later and technically the sewer doesn’t belong to you. You shouldn’t decide to replace the sewer to the public way unless you can’t avoid it because, with construction and tap fees, this work can cost thousands.
    6. The permit is only $100 unless you have construction work.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above.

Steve Culbertson