Zoning – Minimum lot size


On page 5.3-5, you can see that the various zones show minimum lot sizes. For instance, the U-SU-C zone has a minimum lot size of 5,500 sf, the U-RH-2.5 zone has a minimum lot width of 25’, and so on. Minimum lot size can affect you as follows:

  1. If you are adding to an existing house and you already own the lot, there is no effect because the lot size was determined before the new zoning code became law.
  2. Minimum lot size has an effect if you want to subdivide an existing lot.
    1. For instance, if you own a 50’ x 125’ lot in a U-SU-B zone, your total lot area is 6,250 sf. If you want to subdivide this lot into two 25’x125’ lots, it’s not permitted because the new lot sizes are below the minimum area of 4,500sf and below the minimum width of 35’.
    2. In the same example, if your 50’x125’ lot was in a U-SU-A zone, the subdivision is permissible. This is because your new lot areas are now 3,125sf, which is above the minimum 3,000 sf and your new lot widths are 25’, which is at the minimum of 25’.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above.

Steve Culbertson